Marriage and Family Therapy

Marriage and Family Therapy

Family Therapy for Couples, families and especially children are facing unique problems just because of living in a different country&city like Turkey, Istanbul. It is a big changing of life style and it is possible to get some hard days and nights to overcome.

We diagnose, and treat mental illness and psychological distress within the context of the marriage and family systems and child behaviors.

Family Therapy: Some of the typical tasks that we might perform on a regular basis include:

family therapy– Diagnosing and treating mental disorders like deppression, anxiety
– Conducting psychotherapy with individuals, couples, and families
– Developing treatment plans
– Defining child education plan and behavioral practise
– Experience in children ADHD and behavioral problems
– Helping the family members to develop new interpersonal communication skills

Our clinic is in Istanbul, Atasehir. You could contact us by our clinic informations:

Telephone: 0 216 6881474

Uzm. Dr. Gökçe Küçükyazıcı Çocuk ve Ergen Psikiyatristi İstanbul – Batı Ataşehir Tel: 0 216 688 14 74

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